Civil Law

Civil Law


AV Law Firm, through its well-trained associates, provides specialized legal services that cover the full range of Civil Law always seeking the best result for its clients, both in out-of-court and judicial disputes. Indicatively, we provide the following services:


Corporate Law: Drawing up of all kinds of contracts, representation in actions for damages, unjustified gain, advising on the settlement of overdue debts to natural or legal persons,

Property Law: Preparation of actions for the infringement of the right to property, disturbance of possession, registration of mortgages etc.

Family Law: preparing applications for divorce, custody and maintenance claims, actions for claiming and settling matrimonial property etc.

Inheritance Law:  Providing advice on accepting or denying inheritance, filing claims for the right to a compulsory portion etc.

Insurance Law: Study of insurance contracts, out-of-court settlement of agreements with insurance companies, representation in disputes concerning insurance compensation etc.