Our Philosophy

Cornerstone of our services is the specialization in strategic issues dealing with legal issues across the range of domestic and international businesses.

Our Philosophy


AV Law Office was launched at 2004 to provide high-caliber legal services in a wide range of  practice areas. Over the years AV Law Office has grown into AV Law Firm handsomely rewarded by high-profile companies within private economy as well as by public entities.


Our commitment to remain at the cutting edge of legal expertise in our business area by pursuing innovative solutions to legal problems promoting businesswise guidelines, having worked on some of the most high-profile and challenging cases of recent years,  finally allowed us to be recognized as leaders in our field.


Companies with a turnover of more than € 100 million, rapidly joined our clientele and trusted our competence and skills in handling a wide range of cases, from day-to-day legal matters to the most delicate legislative issues.


Our philosophy has set ourselves apart from all other law firms, by launching and establishing two independent Departments defining a vast variety of services for our business clients:


Our superiority lies within the implementation of a pioneering model of legal services that combines:


  • Business oriented strategic handling of all kinds of legal issues.
  • Personalized service provision, fully tailored to the specifics of each client’s business environment.
  • Direct and continuous reporting to our clients for their cases through our innovative TRUST -AV electronic platform.


In line with the principles and standards of our clients, we provide through a remote access service, revolutionary in Greece, connection to a data-processing system managing their legal affairs on a remote desktop TRUST-AV platform, implemented by the leading IT and cyber security company, TRUST IT. Our remote support software refers to  24/7 access for our clients presenting a whole picture of their cases as well as receiving sms and email alerts for any progress which takes place. This digital legal instrument places our Firm in the top tier list of Law Firms in Greece indicating our added value.